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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 20, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the next week. thanks for being a part today and, remember, write just a little letter today to somebody that you care about. i'm gretchen carlson. now it's time to head over to shepard smith. >> we'll traake you to the whit house and to capitol hill for news on what both sides are saying. two regional rivals joining together to fight a common enemy, the islamic state militant. can turkey and iraq put aside their differences for the greater good? we're also monitoring the situation in the middle east where israel is reportedly preparing to destroy the family homes of the synagogue attackers. and we're remembering a legend of entertainment. the director mike nichols who brought us classics including "the graduate" and "who is afraid of virginia wolf." let's get to it. now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> and first from the deck this thursday afternoon, president obama scheduled to address the nation five hours from now.
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what he says could affect millions of people who entered this country i'll ellie around fuel the debate about limits of presidential powers. let's start with what officials have told us about the action we expect the president to announce tonight. it is to offer work permits to as many as 5 million people. protecting them from deportation. among the people in line to receive those permits, the parents of u.s. citizens and legal residents. as long as the parents have been in this country for at least five years. we also expect the president to allow more people to qualify for 2012 program that protects young immigrants from deportation. the so-called dreamers whose parents brought them to this country. whatever the final detail the president is essentially bypassing the congress to enact them. and even though other presidents have taken similar actions, republicans point out this president previously admitted the constitution limits his power. >> the president himself has said repeatedly he doesn't have that authority. he said it repeatedly. we've all seen the clips on tv and online.
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he said he doesn't have the power to do it. and he was right then and he's wrong now. >> as washington figures out the politics of all of this, immigration lawyers across the country say they're preparing to handle the logistics. we're already hearing reports of large number of people calling attorneys' offices asking to how to get the work permits to stay legally here in the united states. let's get all sides. we have team fox coverage this afternoon, ed enhenry at the white house. ed, folks there say the president must act. >> yes, yeah, they've been saying that they react obviously to john cornyn and others about the president's previous comments about how he's not an emperor and he can't do this alone. they say he's been waiting for republicans to move forward. they haven't done it. so it's time for him to at least start the job they say that lawmakers can finish it down the road and do more ever lasting reform. but the president wants to take the early steps to sort of force legislative action. the president, in fact, teeing some of this up earlier today in
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the east room when he had an event on the economy. listen. >> part of staying competitive in a global economy is making sure that we have an immigration system that doesn't send away talent but attracts it. >> not one of the problems with that argument from the president though is that, remember, democrats had control of the house and senate in the first two years of his first term and did not move forward on comprehensive immigration reform and that's hear republicans say they're getting the blame now but the democrats did not move on it either. >> they're going to figure out a way to stop this, they will use all methods they can come up with. >> so far at the state level what we're hearing is governors and governor-elects like greg abbott in texas saying that as soon as the president acts tonight, we can see as early as tomorrow various states moving forward with lawsuits saying, not so fast. listen. >> we believe what the president is doing is completely
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unconstitutional. he has a legal obligation to enforce the laws. plus, immigration is a sign by the constitution to the united states congress to determine not the president. >> now, we've spoken to the president's lawyers in private. they said they scrubbed all this and they believe this will withstand any lawsuit. anyone out there can, of course, pose a legal challenge but they've seen that on the president's health care law already obviously in recent years and this has with stood the test of time thus far. there are more legal challenges to come on that as well. >> ed, thanks. the polls show that the public is, in essence, across the board with him on the immigration idea. the senate's version of it from a year ago. but they're against the president on the process. the republican leader in the senate says president obama will regret moving forward and continue and congress will act to stop him. mike emanuel following the debate on capitol hill.
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what does that mean? >> there's discussion about filing a lawsuit or seeking a way to defund what the president proposes tonight. there's been back and forth here on capitol hill about whether that's possible or not. bottom line, republicans here on capitol hill are saying they're going to push back. they're not going to roll over on this. and earlier the senate republican leader issued this warning. >> if president obama acts in defiance of the people and imposes this on the country, congress will act. we're considering a variety of options. but make no mistake, make no mistake, when the newly elected representatives of the people take their seats, they will act. >> republicans continue using the president's own words against him. you heard that from senator cornyn in your open. when the president said that he did not have the power himself to change the law, expect more of that in the hours and days ahead. >> what's the message, mike, from congressional democrats? >> well, they're saying that the republicans should just take up
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in the house what was passed the bipartisan bill passed in the senate. they say that republicans in the house of representatives actually have a lot more power to go bigger than the president. >> republicans shouldn't get mad. they should get even. they should nullify the president's executive order by passing our bill and passing it now. if the republicans want to stop this executive order, they have an ace up their sleeve that would do the trick. a common sense, bipartisan immigration reform bill. >> and schumer was part of that gang of eight bipartisan senators to negotiate that senate bill that passed last year in the senate. and they want the house to take up. bottom line, democrats here on capitol hill are saying the president's action is a first step but not a final solution. >> all right, mike. thanks. the u.s. will not deport immigrants from any of the three west african countries at the center of the ebola outbreak according to the homeland
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security jay johnson. the government will offer immigrants protection from deportation as well as work permits. he says they will be eligible for temporary protected status for up to 18 months. health officials say the ebola outbreak has killed more than 5,000 people in west africa. the defense secretary chuck hagel says the islamic state is an unprecedented threat and iraq's new dpoft needs to do more to fight the militants. those are givens. now there's word iraq is joining forces with one of its neighbors to take on the terror group nap.
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there's word that israel will demolish homes belonging to the families of four palestinian attackers. that's according to the reporting of the associated press which cites palestinian officials and relatives in east jerusalem. two of those attackers are reportedly the cousins who police say burst into a synagogue with meat cleavers and a gun on tuesday and killed five innocent people. three of the victims were rabbis from america who had become israeli citizens. israeli prime minister nettian hue previously warned israel would demolish more homes to fight back against attackers. meantime, israeli officials say militants in the gaza strip from test fired for rockets by shooting them into the mediterranean. last summer hamas militants fought a brutal war blamed for
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killing 70 israelis and more than 2,000 palestinians. the i ma'slamic state is an incredibly powerful new threat and united states has never seen a terror group like it, that's according to chuck hagel today. he told charlie rose last night that supporting iraq's new government or i should say this morning he told him, that supporting iraq's any government and military is a key part of the u.s. strategy to destroy isis. >> we need to help in every way we can the iraqi government stabilize, strengthen its security forces. we're help doing that, but that's the iraqi sporesponsibil. that's the people of iraq. >> iraq's new prime minister says he and turkey's leaders have groed a to work together to step up security along the border and share intelligence to help fight the terrorist army. refugees from syria have been pouring into turkey for a long time now to escape the brutal offensive. human rights activists say
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refugee camps in turkey have reached full capacity and more than 1 million people are on their own. the activists call it the world's greatest refugee crisis in a generation. retired colonel lay on the is here with us now. former deputy director at the joint chiefs of staff and former air force intelligence officer. sir, thank you. >> you bet. it's good to be with you. >> thanks. turkey coming together with the iraqi government. sounds like a very good positive step forward. >> well, it is in some respects for the turks and for the iraqis because they're going to be sharing a lot of intelligence with each other but the other side of this is this is not a good step for the kurds. the kurds want to establish their own state and neither iraq nor or i can want the kurds to have their own state. for them it's going to be a net loss. >> which brings me to this to the of unfortunate in addition where we find ourselves. it's the kurds who have done the best work fighting isis on the ground. nobody questions that. it's the kurds who have been beg for help from the united states and others and not getting it in
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the way of weapons. so the ones who are doing the best work for the cause which we believe in are now being pushed aside and threatened, in a way. >> that's exactly right. for the cuddish people andford kurdish peshmerga, the military force the kurds have, this has got to come as blow because what they're seeing here is all of their efforts being basically shunted aside in favor of these relationships that the iraqis and the turks are building. now, there are still relationships the kurds have with the u.s. and, of course, the u.s. is sharie ing intel wi the kurds and that's going to stay for the foreseeable future. >> but the kurds would say thank you for sharing information but we have limited resources. we've done amazing work. and truly they have for a very long time. and all we've asked for you is to give us some weapons group gave weapons to an army which abandoned the weapons and now they're using the weapons on you and yet you won't give us any weapons because of this political mess. the whole thing is really messed
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up. >> oh, it is. and the reason it's messed up is because nobody wants to really give the kurds a state. that's one of the reasons. the other part of it is is that there are so many refugees as you pointed out that that is really straining the turkish capacity to handle those refugees. so the turks want to tlilimit t conflict. the iraqis want to regain the territory that they lost, a third of their country. everybody is basically trying to realign themselves so they get what they want and they do it at the expense of the places and the people that don't have their own country. >> colonel leighton, you say they want to take back the part of their country they lost. historical context. it wasn't the iraqis that decided that iraq is iraq.stern. they don't think of themselves as iraqis as much as they do sunni, kurds, and shia. the kurds want their land and the shia want their land. they all want their own land but
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the rest of the world wants them to do what the rest of the world wants them to. feems li >> the only reason why the rukys want that land back is because it shows power on the international stage for them. >> but that's the people in the government there. the people want to be sunni, shia, and kurds. >> that's right. and so the idea of nation thood between the iraqis is really something they don't have. they don't understand that. they understand their alen jens and the fact that the treaty that created the current boundaries of iraq, the fact that that came into existence and that that still governs the territory of that part of the middle east, that is something that these people are benefiting from but the ones whole adversary affected by it in 1916 are going to be adversely effected by it in 201. that's something that shows that there's a lack of progress in the international community to fix that situation. >> so for as long as i've been aleve, the kurds have wanted
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their own state, the shia have wanted their own way, the sunni have wanted their own way. the rest of the world says, no, we want you to say this way and dictators in charng and now they're getting their own way and their own space, the rest of the world is saying, no, you can't do that. who does the rest of the world think they are? >> they think they control the international system. they're saying this is about the nation state as an entity as it exists kurptly. what the kurds are saying is, okay, that's fine but we want our nation state, too. so they're taking the whole idea of self-determination and saying, i want to determine my own future as a kurd. and the others are, of course, conflicted about that and they don't want to do that. so it's all about power. it's all about diplomatic situations as they currently exist. and unwillingness to change this diplomatic arrange 789. >> sometimes i wish we could jump in that car in the space time continuum and move forward and have some news from the future. if we were able to do news from the future, i would probably be able to safely report, this
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didn't work. colonel, nice to see you. thanks very much. we'll keep trying. iran going out of its way to thumb its nose at the united states now. we'll show you how the iranians are trying to prove that international bans on business aren't doing any good. don't worry too much about exploding airbags sending shrapnel into your face. that message from the quality control guy in charge of said airbags. ahead, what happened when he went before congress today. i think you're going to like this. hang tight. this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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for the first time. chase. so you can. negotiators do not plan to extend monday's deadline for a deal to limit iran's nuclear program. monday and done. that's the word from secretary state john kerry, republican senators are calling for the white house to keep congress in the loop about any agreement. the u.s. has already hit iran
12:21 pm
with financial punishments. meantime, iranian company put four american made helicopters on display at an air show today. why does that matter? american companies can't sell to the iranians, can they? we have pictures to prove thatity did that. this is apparently the r-44 helicopters made by a company based in california. the head of that company, the iranian company, says it bought the choppers through, quote, dealer, unquote. he says that proves how easy it is to get around the u.s. sanctions. we reached out to the american company who makes the helicopters. so far from them, no response. here at home, there is no ot worry about it.ide airbag everything is fine. . even though some of those airbags have blown up in people's faces. that's according to the executive for the japanese airbag maker who testified on capitol hill just hours ago. as we reported in this space yesterday federal regulators are push for a recall of takata
12:22 pm
airbags across the country which would affect millions and millions of cars and trucks on the roads here in the united states. today a united states air force lieutenant testified in front of the same panel and she said last year an airbag in her car exploded sending metal fragments into her face, leaving her blind in one eye. >> since that day i've endured multiple surgeries and therapies. i have more to go still. my vision will never be the same. i will never be the same. >> the lieutenant requested that a committee do everything in its power to make sure that every vehicle with a defective airbag is made safe. gerri willjerrgerri willis is j. how did this company respond to these victims? >> we got an apology from the head of global quality. here's what he said. >> we are deeply sorry about each of the reported instances in which a takata airbag has not performed as designed and the
12:23 pm
driver or passenger have suffered personal injuries or death. our sincerist condolences to these victims and families. >> the apology but the company isn't changing what it's going to do. i'm going to show you the ten companies here that are impacted. the automakers, ten brands. you can see them right here. if you want to see the years of productions on my website, go there and find out if your car is on the list if you're in changer. >> the thing is, they say, hey, we're worry. our products did this but there's nothing wrong with our products. how can you do both of those things? >> they're not saying nothing is wrong with their products. they say they only go awry under humid conditions. >> hello, florida. >> recalls should only occur in southern states. they're okay with that. >> are you out of your mind? have you been in new york on a hot august day? >> what if you drive -- >> as humid as louisiana bayou
12:24 pm
sometimes. >> what if you drive your car to louisiana from new york, that could happen, too. >> part of this is, it's so many airbags, this company could go under, couldn't they? >> i think they're under a lot of financial pressure. the big conversation and the big offices among automakers is how are we going to get this done? they're looking for other companies that can make these airbags because the main production facility in mexico where these were made, big problems. the thing burned down in 2006. they've had all kinds of issues down there. companies like bmw, ford, they're looking for other people to make these airbags. >> it's something every day with these dang cars. >> i know. >> take the bus. thank you. if there is one. thank you, gerri. a guy in colorado accused of pushing his wife off a cliff actually ran a marriage like aic t dictatorship. that's one of the revealing claims. we've been covering this story. the guy said his wife fell off a cliff but everybody else said it looked like he pushed her.
12:25 pm
wait until you hear the evidence they've uncovered. it is stunning. but first, a legendary director of staple and screen, mike nichols, has died. his career spanned more than five decades and he was as talented as anyone in this nation. he started out in stand-up but he eventually earned not only an oscar but a grammy as well as multiple tony and emmy awards. which made him one of the very few members of the prestigious egot circle. won them all. friends say he had a remarkable gift for mixing humor with drama. mike nichols won the best director oscar in 1967 for p "the graduate" which starred dustin hoffman and anne bancroft. >> mrs. robinson, you're trying to seduce me. aren't you? >> in 2003 mike nichols went on to win the emmy for "angels in america" starring meryl streep and al pacino about people coping with aids in the 1980s. two years later he won the tony
12:26 pm
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fox report now and more of the headlines on the news desk. two children are dead after a shooting in a home in south jers jersey. police found the bodies this morning east of philly. the hospital spokeswoman says a woman and another boy are critical. police say there is no search for a suspect and the public is not in danger. u.s. navy reporting two of its ships hit each other as crew members exchange supplies in the gulf of aden. no word of anybody hurt. the navy reports damage was minor. a town west of boston dropped its proposal to ban sales of all tobacco products.
12:29 pm
just last week a public hearing over the issue got so rowdy the board of health ended it after 25 minutes. the plan would have made westminster the first town in the united states to ban tobacco sales to everybody, not just underage folks spup porters cited health risks but opponents said the move would drive away business in a big way so they dropped it. the news continues after this.
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now the guy and the cliff and wife who is dead and automatic the new revelations. this is some stuff right here. a man who prosecutors say pushed his second wife off the cliff, almost killed her a year before that when he dropped a big piece of lumber on her while they worked on their deck. that's just one of the revelations from newly unsealed court documents. back in 2012 harold henthorn went hiking at rocky mountain national park for 12th wedding anniversary and that's when the wife somehow fell 140 feet off a cliff and died. now, her husband at the time
12:32 pm
claimed that she was trying to take a picture along the ledge and just fell and it was awful. . but investigators say they cannot prove that's what happened. now we're learning that in 2011 the husband was fixing up their cabin at night when he called his wife outside to help him and that's when he, oops, dropped piece of lumber on her and fractured some of her vertebrae. her mother described it as being a 20-foot beam and had she not leaned over, the doctor said it would have killed her. emergency responder called it a piece of plywood. at any rate the wife told her mom that if not for that bending it would all be over. a family friend told investigators the henthorn's marriage was not a democracy, it was more like a dictatorship with henthorn as a dictator. that same friend said the husband was controlling and obsessed with money. in fact, before the couple got married, hear this, the suspect was apparently dating two other women, in addition to this woman, toni and made profiles of
12:33 pm
all of their finances before he decided to marry toni. a car crushed his first wife to death more than a decade ago. it happened while she was reportedly helping the husband change the flat tire. and here was an interesting thing. she was underneath the car and he was standing up and the car fell on her. that's what the sheriff's office reports. it's now reopened the investigation. the suspect is behind bars. pleaded not guilty. trace gallagher is live in our west coast news hub for us. tell us what investigators found. >> they found this map that was inside the vehicle of his -- of the couple. it was of the national park and there was an" x" marking the spot where the wife actually fell. and harold henthorn, he could not explain the map or the "x." but friends say the husband scoured out the park at least six different times looking for the perfect spot to take his wife for their anniversary. the husband also said his wife was walking around looking through binoculars, except no binoculars were found.
12:34 pm
he said he didn't see his wife fall because he was reading a text from his baby-sitter about his daughter's soccer game, except the soccer text came 30 minutes fr after the wife fell me changed his story saying he was looking for a text from the baby sitter. and also changed his story on the wife's injuries after the fall. a number of inconsistencies in the affidavit. >> and then there's a life insurance. >> yeah. the wife was an ophthalmologist and the family breadwinner. he took out $4.5 million worth of life insurance on her. also took out $500,000 on his first wife that died. the husband told police he made money as a fund-raiser for various churches but tax records show he did not have any income for several years. though he traveled extepsively for business. and it's interesting that the wife's family and friends say she had very bad knees and had to give up her love of snow-skiing. they say she would go on walks but not climbs. so an anniversary hike seemed like an unusual gift.
12:35 pm
by the way, the husband's lawyer so far is not saying anything. >> trace gallagher from l.a. thanks. let's take this to an attorney. defense attorney gomez is joining us. we've talked about this case for a while now. but these court documents are revelatory. what do you think of them? >> what i think is if the evidence of the prior wife's accidental death along with this piece of wood that was thrown at wife number two doesn't get in, he could dodge a conviction because a jury could say, hey, look, there's a lot of circumstantial evidence but there isn't really anything that shows that he was guilty of this. >> in a court, evidence of prior bad acts rarely allowed. >> exactly. under the federal rules of evidence. but, there are some exceptions and one of those exceptions is lack of accidental deaths. in this situation, intent, motive. you can expect the prosecutors in this case to say, wait a second, this is probative. we need to allow this evidence in because, guess what, it show shows, intent, motive,
12:36 pm
opportunity, and it shows that this was not an accident. >> that map seems like it might be -- the allegation is that he went to this spot where they were hiking for their anniversary like six times, i think, to plan this hike. >> exactly. >> that's the reason for the map and the "x." >> exactly. and there's a lot of circumstantial evidence. don't get me wrong. but that in itself, that fact is telling of a lot of things. because who goes six times before, okay, to this place and then puts an "x" on a map. that's not something romantic. that's something that shows premeditation. >> what about all of this testimony or these reports from people that their marriage was a dictatorship sort of thing and he was free loading? >> well, you're going to need witnesses in court to testify to it. obviously his argument is going to be his defense is going to be whale, this is hearsay. marriages, you have good times, you have bad times. that's normal of a marriage. that's not going to be enough. you need all the circumstantial evidence and the evidence -- the
12:37 pm
evidence around the, circumstances, number one, and the wood being thrown. >> if you don't have the plywood or the two by four being flown off the deck and you don't have the first wife, you really don't have much, do you? i mean, to convict someone of murder one you need a lot more than that, usually. >> you usually do. and this is going to go before a jury. a jury is going to say, wait a second, we have -- hey have to show, the state to show that there is no reasonable doubt. unless you have that type of evidence, his defense attorneys are going to make a case for reasonable doubt in is all very circumstantial. yes, leads news that direction but it is not the smoking gun. >> we'll follow it. thank you. >> you're very welcome. a gunman who opened fire and attacked a library over night at florida state university in tallahassee was a lawyer who graduated from fsu in the year 2005. police confirmed it just a short time ago. cops say they're still trying to figure out why this happened. here's the back story.
12:38 pm
officials say two students and a worker were hurt. at first many students said they really had no idea what was going on. >> every student here thought it was a textbook being thrown to the ground and i just hear someone like yelling in pain. a guy who got shot came in limping like with his hand on his leg and i was like, oh, maybe he broke his leg or something. i looked behind him and there's blood on his pants. >> i was right out here in my dorm and i heard the consecutive gunshots going on. sounded like an ar, something of that type. >> another student said she ran for her life as she put it, out the back door. others crouched behind book shelves. look at this picture. students used tables and chairs to barricade themselves inside this room. another student said that some books might have saved his life. and here's why. he said after he got home he found this bullet, he says it pierced his backpack, went through a couple of books, but did not hit him.
12:39 pm
cops say they killed the gunman after a shootout. classes are expected to start again tomorrow at fsu. updates on the investigation as they come in. weather alert. rooftops across the buffalo area in new york upstate starting to collapse under the snow. slammed the area all week. earlier today rescue teams helped more than 130 people evacuate a nursing home. the new york senator chuck schumer is asking the white house for disaster reloaf leaf. officials blame the storm for eight deaths. forecasters say another three feet of snow could hit the buffalo area today. it's already seen in some areas up to six feet this week. almost as much as. even buffalo gets in an average entire year. snow trapped more than 100 drivers inside their cars. some say they went without food and without water for up to 36 hours. officials say hundreds of cars are still the roads. what a disaster. jonathan hunt is with us. this storm could still be
12:40 pm
deadly. >> it is still proving to be deadly. the latest confirmed death, a man in his 60s suffered a heart attack as he was trying to move his snowblower. the difficulties of this storm are piling up alongside the snow. look at this. we've got pictures from a drone here. 4,000 homes now without power and as you mentioned, a lot of concern about roof collapses, the structural safety of some buildings. that nursing home you mentioned was evacuated this afternoon after cracks appeared in walls and beams. hundreds of miles of roads are still shut down. and with more snow coming, new york governor andrew cuomo is pleading with residents just don't get in your vehicles. listen here. >> there is a driving ban for a reason. stay in your home, pretty, pretty please. >> pretty, pretty please. with more snow predicted, it's only going to get worse. >> first responders, every single national disaster you hear the heroic stories and they're with us again. >> here's my favorite. look here at this baby lucy
12:41 pm
grace in the hospital with her parents. that, by the way, is not where she was born. when mom realized the baby was coming, she was stranded. she found a firefighter to help. he in turn found a nurse who lived nearby. and whole group managed to make it to the firehouse where lucy grace arrived happy and healthy. listen here. >> the baby came. i just made sure the baby was safe and breathing and she was wonderful. >> they didn't act freaked out or anything. they just said, we got this. you know, you'll be okay. >> you'll be okay. and then there's football which might not be okay. the buffalo bills stadium still under hundreds of tons of snow. given the demands on law enforcement in the area, governor cuomo suggested today very strongly that the game against the jets sunday should be postponed. you know people argue with governor cuomo about a lot of things. hard to argue with him when he said the jets really aren't worth bothering with. >> we've known each other since a near brawl over satellite
12:42 pm
truck, at some hurricane like 30 years ago or something. we almost got after it. it was close. one big producer stopped us. i think almost the whole time i've known you you've wanted to become an american citizen. you're a britain. >> it is about to happen. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning here in new york city i will be sworn in as an american citizen and it will be the proudest moment of my life. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jonathan hunt. >> thank you. >> congratulations. beverly hills he was here he worked for sky news in the united kingdom. you've been with the bigger company, i guess, under the murdoch umbrella. >> pretty much all of my working life. i would not be becoming a u.s. citizen without fox news. >> ian and his lovely wife chelsea will be there. i love those ceremonies. and i can't wait to find out if you can sing. >> i cannot sing. by the way, i just watched a whole bunch of strangers doing this nationalization ceremony on youtube. i was crying at that. i'm going to be a complete and utter mess.
12:43 pm
>> that's what i'm hoping because we're sending cameras. i'm out of here tomorrow because i have to go to a wedding -- i get to go to a wedding. i'm excited ant the wedding. on monday we're going put a whole thing together, unless something weird happens between now and then. jonathan and chelsea and the whole happy hunt family. >> thank you. >> not congratulations yet. we'll save that. with oil prices at four-year lows analysts say russia may be on the verge of a real recession. and that could be trouble for your buddy shirtless vladimir up there on the horse. fox business network reporter maria will explain that next from the fox news desk. an important message for americans eligible
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12:47 pm
children died in the crash. driver and two other passengers survived with minor injuries. the driver was the only one wearing a seat belt. more than 70 cars crashing into each other in eastern china, 70 of them. the pile-killed at least two people and hurt 20. i vest gators say dense fog made visibility less than 30 yards. now to the crisis in ukraine. the united nations investigators say more than 4300 people have died since the middle of april when russia went in and took over the crimean peninsula. 300 people died in the last month alone. and since april nearly half a million people have left their homes. meantime, word that russia could be on the verge of a real recession. moscow is one of the world's biggest oil producers and the analysts say in order tort country to be able to balance its budget it needs oil prices to reach 100 bucks a barrel. global prices are nearing a four-year low, at $78 a barrel. bad for vladimir. maria barteromo is with us. she's on the fox business network and sunday morning
12:48 pm
futures here on the fox news channel. this is going to hurt him bad. >> this is going to hurt i'm bad. this is already hurt pentagon people of russia bad. breaking news right now. interfax today, an hour ago reported that the out it is flows in october alone will be more than $28 billion. >> what does that mean? >> people are pulling money out of russia. anybody who is investing there is taking their money out. now the government is considering weighing capitol controls. in other words, if you put your money into russia you may not be able to get it out. what do you think that is going to go do to kacapital? private companies reaching somewhere around $130 billion for 201. the bottom line, the ank sanctions are impacting vladimir putin. russia's economy is on its back. we probably will see recessionary times if not an official recession right now until the end of the decade, according to the finance minister. you can imagine the times there in russia very, very bad. as you mentioned, one of the key
12:49 pm
parts of the story here is oil. they are the largest producer, in fact. they're trying to sell to the rest of the world that the sanctions are making it very difficult. you see where oil is right now. that's part of the story here is the fact that america is seeing an oil revolution. we're seeing fracking. we're seeing gasoline production. we're seeing the potential of the excel pipeline bringing in more oil through our land. all of this is going to be bad for russia and it's certainly going to continue to impact our relationship with russia. >> interesting how things are coming around. it was by design last time when reagan crushed the old soviet union and now it's commodities again and in this case, oil, it's going to hurt them and bad badly. >> what's extraordinary to me is when you go and look at the poll numbers he's celebrated in russia. i don't know if we can believe that but the people are actually looking at him like a hero. in fact, he's rue iing their lives. >> he's very good at controlling the message. maria, good. we'll see you this sunday right here on fox news channel. >> thank you so 34u67. and tomorrow on "opening bell".
12:50 pm
>> on the fox business network. here at home you may have to pay more for your thanksgiving dinner. there's word that some three times the sweet poe at a timos, up 20 cents from 2013. flour-based food like piecrust,
12:51 pm
dinner rolls, down 21 cents, and the turkey will be cheaper, 11 cents down from last year. >> $49. >> they have not stopped at supermarkets in manhattan, have they? >> probably not. >> for 49 bucks, you can feed breakfast. the head of the national security agency says hackers in china and other countries should shut down our electrical grid, our water systems and other utilities. i have great news for you. they could shut the whole country down if they feel like it. let's hope they don't feel like it. an analyst says there's one thing that would hold them back. we'll have that next. ght, so thl arthritis lasts 8 hours
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xhin and one or two countries have the power to shut down the united states
12:55 pm
electrical grid and other infrastructure according to admiral michael rogers. he happens to be the head of u.s. cybercommand. admiral rogers told house lawmakers today he believes it's but a matter of time until we see something dramatic, and that's a quote. analysts point out the united states has the ability to launch the same types of cyberattack the catherine herridge is live in washington. this is. >> what's been discussed by the intelligence community privately that a handful of countries already have the ability to disrupt, even taken down the power grid. cyberintrusions and cyberespionage are a -- known as the pla unit 612398. nsa director rogers said he also supports the development --
12:56 pm
off-limits and he warned the u.s. must embrace a policy that includes going on the offensive. >> being total le on the defensive is a very losic strategy to me. it will cost a significant amount of money. it leads to a much decreased probability of mission success. it's just not a good outcome for us in the long run. >> on the controversial collection of americans' phone records, reasoners has confirmed there's no significant changes. thank, catherine. we'll be right back. r insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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on this day in 195 a, many americans got their first taste of rock and roll when bo diddley dropped by the ed sullivan show. he was born in mississippi, learned the blues in chicago and introduced the world to the so-called bo diddley beat. ed sullivan banned him from the show, but he went on to win a spot in the rock and roll hall
1:00 pm
of fame on unleashing the beat. 5 years ago. when news breaks out we'll break in, because breaking news changes every. "your world with neil cavuto" is up now. thank you, shepard. ahead of the president addressing the nation tonight, the sheriff who has a message for the president today. >> you're the only singular person in this entire country that can advance or adopt meaningful immigration reform. by that very definition, it is your singular failure alone as to why we do not yet have reform, why america continues to be at risk and new crimes and new victims are mounting each and every day in every single state. >> say what you will about how that video was cut, the sound, all of that. it's gone viral, everybody, everywhere. the sheriff tells us why he did it, here and only here.


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